The digestive juices which is secreted in stomach helps in food digestion.

when there is an imbalance in secretions of digestive juices, it leads to a condition called Acidity.

Thus, the term Acidity indicates the excess secretion of digestive juices in stomach.

·        Excess intake of spicy, sour, salt contents foods

·        Irregular food patterns i.e.., untimely food intake, over intake, less intake etc

·        Excess intake of refrigerated foods, fermented foods, oily foods, stale foods etc

·        More of junk intake, chocolates, deep fried items

·        Loss of exercise

·        Irregular sleep pattern

·        Stress

·        Pregnancy

·        Alcohol consumption, Smoking

·        Over medications

·        Exposure to sunlight

·        Acid reflux

Stomach ulcers

·        Indigestion

·        Discomfort in chest region

·        Sour belching

·        Sour throat

·        Nausea

·        Vomiting

·        Heart burn

·        Headache

·        Loss of apetite

·        Irregular bowel movements

·        Abdominal pain ,Body pain

·        Dizziness



1 tsp of fried jeera powder is boiled with 1 ltr of hot water, taken along with food helps in 

reducing acidity.

 Jeera kashaya is prepared by adding 1 tsp of fried jeera and it is taken along with butter

before food. also recommended to take with ghee.

 fresh buttermilk , devoid of sour is advisable in acidity.


·        Avoid spicy sour salt items ex- pickles, chutney powders, pepper, tamarind etc

·        Citrus fruits ex- lemon, orange, pine apple, un-ripened mango

·        Citrus vegetables ex- tomatoes

·         Excess intake of Raw radish, chillies, capsicum, brinjal, garlic, ginger, potato etc

·        Deep fried, chilled foods, oily foods, fermented foods

·        Non- vegetarian diets especially, fish and chicken

·        Junks and high calorie chocolates etc

·        Alcohol

·        Smoking

·        Stress

·        Self medications like-crosin, dolo, rantac etc and other medications in long term


·        Food prepared out of Moong-dal like- pongal, sambar etc

·        Luke warm water intake in between the food

·        Follow proper food pattern (3 times a day)

·        Sound sleep

·        Intake of fruits like apple, pomogremate, grapes

Vegetables like green peas, carrot, beetroot, cucumber, drumstick, bitter guard, bottle guard